Training and Prices

Basic Obedience Group Programs

Group training classes are a wonderful way to learn while working in a high-distraction setting. Working with other dogs and people in a controlled environment, we will teach you how to keep your dog's focus on you.

At Horizon Canine Services, we keep our classes small to allow for more individual attention from the instructor. A session is approximately an hour in length, although it may go longer.

One handler must commit to attending all classes with the dog/puppy to ensure that the training is consistent. Any other family members are welcome to attend and participate in the class with the primary handler.

Recall Workshops - $80 
Run from 10am-4pm with a 1 hour lunch break
Level 1 - Dates TBA
Level 2 (Prerequisite Level 1) - TBA

6 Group Sessions Basic Obedience (Age:5 month +)- $135
► Leash Pressure
► General obedience commands with voice and hand signals
► Holding commands with distractions.
► Socialization
Start Date: TBA

5 Group Puppy Classes (8-18 weeks old) - $80
► Recall Level 1 Intro
► Introduction of general obedience commands with voice and hand signals
► Leash Pressure
► Socialization
Start Date: TBA

Private Sessions

Private training sessions are tailored programs based on your needs and your dog's learning style. You choose what you want to learn and we will work with you and your goals. Private sessions are one hour long and one handler will work with your dog throughout the entire training program.

Single sessions are $35 per hour. A discount applies to 10 or more sessions.

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